The Knitting Effect

By Rebecca N Morgan

Yesterday, while surfing the net, I bumped into a posting about a knitting group, hosted by Panera Bread in Woburn. Being a knitter myself, and certainly a bread lover, I found the combination if not odd, well, a bit interesting….Bread and yarn, sweaters and yeast, waft and draft…It certainly is a stretch…

But then, maybe not. Knitting for me is a profoundly satisfying activity. So too, is eating bread. Moreover, knitting is universal, kind of like bread. Certainly grandmothers knit, and nowadays, younger women do it. Even men knit sometimes, although mostly your metro sexual kind of guy, I suppose. One could say that the effect of knitting is to bring together the masses into a unified activity with a benefit for all. Everyone can use a sweater or a scarf, or a pair of mittens. And everyone can learn how to do it.

I learned when I was about six years of age. My mother taught me on a pair of green metal size nines. I made my first scarf on those nines. And I gave it to my doll who used it as a blanket. Over the years I have made many more scarves and then I branched into sweaters, with colorful patterns and complicated cables. Once I even knitted a whole dress.

The beauty of knitting is that it is portable, and repetitive and relaxing. Like a mantra, knit, purl—it is even possible to meditate and knit. You can do it watching TV, in the car, listening to music. You can take it to a concert, maybe even church, and now, with the invention of Knit Lite Knitting Needles by Clover Needlecraft, you can knit at the movies, or anywhere else that is dark. The glowing LED tips also make it easy to knit with “dark, fuzzy, or otherwise hard to see yarns”.

So, back to the bread part. It all makes sense to me now. Sit in a bakery and knit while the bread bakes. Smell the delicious aroma and delight the senses. Knit and meditate, exercise those fingers, savor the bread, stay warm in a scarf.

I get it.

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