Crafting for Money

By Terri Toon

When I think of crafting I remember back to when I was in my early 20's, before I was married with children. You know, the days before being so busy with everyone else's activities, when I actually had time for myself! No kidding, now a day's I barely have enough time to sew my husbands missing button on his shirt let alone make crafts for myself! But, the truth is, women are making money every day by doing just that ~ Crafting! This is not a new way to earn money; it has been around for years!

The beauty of crafting is that you are in control of what crafts you make for money and how much you will be getting paid for each craft! The best part of crafting is you literally do not have to leave your home to do it! Your package of crafts are delivered to your doorstep and when you have completed your shipment of crafts, you send them back with pre-paid shipping, then you get paid for those crafts!

Crafting for money is fun and is a way that many women are able to create and earn some extra money to put into their pockets! So, if you like crafting and want your creative side to be seen again, crafting may be the income opportunity that you are looking for! Some of you already create your own crafts as a hobby, if you are one of these people there is opportunity to make money off your own creations as well, and right from your home!

There are so many other income opportunities available for the "stay at home mother" that is looking to earn some good, honest cash. The best 3 things to practice while earning money from home is:

1.) Make sure you enjoy doing whatever is making you money.
2.) Always build on your strengths; what you are good at.
3.) Learn to try new opportunities. You never know, you may love them!

If you practice these 3 things you will be on your way to success!

Terri is a full time stay at home mother who writes and mystery shops on the side. She has recently finished an eBook called "Mystery Shopping Madness". For more legitimate income opportunities you can visit her site at:

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