How to Crochet and Get Paid for It

By Sara Duggan

Can you wake up in the morning and honestly say you love what you do? If not, maybe you should turn your love for crochet into a business.

Many crochet business owners stumbled upon profiting from their hobby quite accidentally. You, however, have the advantage of researching the niche you would like to focus on. Whether that is making baby crochet items or crocheting heirloom blankets.

Are people willing to buy your hats, sweaters, scarves and blankets? If they are, where do they buy them? To find the answers to these questions just go to Google search. You'll find that people shop online at specialty shops like Etsy or Artfire. Some shop on Amazon and still others shop locally at boutiques and craft fairs.

When you enter crochet into the search bar you'll receive all sorts of results. Take a look at the advertisements on the right side of the screen. What type of businesses do you see advertised? Are they brick and mortar shops or are they online shops?

If you click on those ads you'll start to get an idea of how other "crocheters" are profiting. Some sell supplies like yarn and hooks. Others sell photography props and winter hats. Still others sell their knowledge through newsletters, magazines, and membership sites.

Do you notice the multiple ads for suppliers to the crochet industry? This tells you it is a winner financially. You can sell roving to spinners or dyes to those who enjoy dyeing their own yarn. You can also sell specialty yarns or crochet appliques to dress up garments.

Patterns are always on the top of a "crocheters" shopping list. If you design your own products you might consider selling your patterns and tutorials on Kindle.

Another way you can research your business idea is through keyword research. Google has a free tool for that. What are people searching for? Find something that matches your interest and develop your business around it.

Each month there are thousands of searches for books, lessons, patterns, supplies and tutorials. Pick one or all of these to center your business on.

Getting paid to crochet isn't difficult if you do your research and start a business that caters to those willing to pay for what you offer.

Before you know it you'll be waking up with a smile on your face and joy in your heart because you are doing what you love.

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