How To Learn The Secrets Of Crochet Flowers Making

By Muna Wa Wanjiru

Both a skill and a hobby, crocheting is the joy of many women who get to spend their time in the most pleasant of ways: embroidering, knitting, decorating and more. Varied colors, diverse materials, different objects, sometimes they all get to have a little thing in common: the beautiful crochet flowers used for embellishment. Watch crochet flowers for just a second and you will see that they look perfectly inspired from a joyful child's drawing: the colors and the shapes are a lot bolder than you'd expect Mother nature to have made them: this is actually the art of “flowery transfiguration”.

You can make crochet flowers of almost any type of yarn, and then apply them as decorations on a variety of objects such as hats, pillow dresses, tables cloths, bags and so on. According to the season you may toy with models and colors to match holidays in a variety of motifs; variations also result from the choice of rejecting a repetitive pattern. For instance, not all crochet flowers on a table cloth should look the same; you can always improvise in terms of petal and flower center sizes. Even the same flower can have smaller and larger petals in a perfectly artistic combination.

In case you use pointed crochet flowers to decorate a specific house item, you could easily scatter some smaller round ones too in between the larger decorations. As for models, colors and materials, the Internet is probably the richest source to find new challenges and tips for improving skills of the kind. Magazines also provide good sources of inspiration for someone who's trying to find new ideas for crochet flowers making. Presently, there are even companies that supply you with all the yarn types you may need; simply place your order and have them delivered at home.

You could choose to even attend some craft classes and learn the secrets of crochet flowers making, but many people think they could more easily succeed by trial and error than otherwise. If you are a beginner it is probably a good idea that you start by crocheting simple models, using just one type of yarn. Color variation and more exquisite patterns can only be achieved when you have developed your skills to a certain level already, and you are actually ready to move to the next difficulty level. Many women even discover that they get to improvise various models on their own, without having to check in a magazine or ask for advice. Enjoy it!

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