How To Crochet A Simple Afghan - Patterns Of Crochet Afghan For Beginners

By Jennifer Walter

Tricot Crochet, Tunisian crochet,Railroad Knitting, Shepherd's Knitting and Hook Knitting are the various names for Afghan Crochet. The day you start learning this art you will be faced with different free crochet designs rather intriguing patterns for instance crochet apple afghan, simple afghan or then instructions for crafting a dual crochet ripple baby afghan, still all this could be useless if your basic knowledge of embroidery and stitching techniques is incomplete.

Gaining knowledge of any art be it painting or crochet craft will always come in handy and this is a universally accepted that there is no substitute for knowledge. Start with basic and easy to learn stitching techniques and then gradually as you grow in confidence you can upgrade for more difficult and intricate types of embroidery.

Once you have learnt these stitching types you will see for yourself that how many different designs you would be able to create without having to consult others for your own creativity.

There are in access of a dozen different stitching methods, for instance cluster, cross over, Tunisian, cheek, crossed, knot, fence, mahogany, diagonal rib, star, stocking, rib, treble, fan, eyelet, braid and four sided stitch are the stitch you can learn, while knowledge of some of these stitch is a prerequisite before you start.

To help you begin here below are instructions for 2 stitches, this should allow you to begin a project.


1. Build a sequence that has equal quantity of stitches.

2. Base Stitch: Place a hook within a second chain, add wool next to the hook and pull one ring through the chain, wool besides hook and pull against one loop, Keep doing till finish. In the end quantity of loops should match quantity of chains we began with.

3. Second row: Twisting the wool should be prohibited round the hook and pull a ring from the 1st loop on hook, Keeping doing this till there remains a single loop remains. The motion of arm would not be left to right side of chain.

4. Third row: Take the first chain, place a hook from right side to left side from 1st standing thread of earlier row, put wool besides hook and next pull from one loop, replicate from 1st into each standing thread that is there on row to the left. In the end quantity of loops should match quantity of chains we began with

5. Forth row: In line with the second, third and forth rows process is replicated as per requirement. For a more elegant appearance you are free to make use of a dual crochet in the final row.


The backdrop of classic afghan stitch is suited here. Do the 1st row in a simple manner. On coming back, do the work where knots are necessary, do five chains, place a hook on chain number one, wool besides the hook and pull three loops on that hook.

For instance the first chain, the in use loop on the hook and the to be used stitch running with the row.

By: Jennifer Walter

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