DIY Holiday Crafts

By Veronica Rodriguez

The holiday season is upon us! October means the beginning to the holiday marathon that is Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. I've never really realized how close those 3 holidays are to each other. They really do just come one straight after the other. Giving you no time at all to prepare for each, but then again that's why people start preparing months and months in advance. 

The holiday season is a cheerful one... well at least for most. I know there are plenty of Scrooges out there who are humbugging everything left and right. But for us with that holiday glow and glee, we are always so excited for the holiday season to come! I know I'm very excited for the fun and warmth that comes with the holiday season. For me the holidays also mean arts and crafts. The holiday season is a perfect time for crafting! Perfect for creating homemade gifts or just making your own holiday d├ęcor, holiday crafts, or holiday cards. 

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