Benefits Of Crocheting

By Christina Lane

In this day and age people's worlds, from grammar school to senior-life, are filled with stress. It is a sad but true fact that even our children are succumbing to the stress that infiltrates our day-to-day life. Helping our children to learn strategies to deal with stress is and should be the job of every adult. There is more to strategies though than adding a pharmaceutical into our daily life. Taking the time to examine our days and the hobbies that we participate in just may be the medicine that the doctor ordered.

Stress Reliever

Many physicians will readily tell you that the act of crocheting is just the medicine that they would recommend for relieving stress, and anxiety. The act of crocheting allows a person's mind to calm and has been long-touted as a great hobby for relaxing over-stressed or over-anxious minds. Not only crocheting can be used to access this beneficial calming but knitting as well can be a helpful tool. There must be something about the simple repetitive movement of crocheting or knitting that is responsible for these relaxing affects. No one for sure knows exactly why or how this hobby has such benefits on stress or anxiety; but all agree that it does. So if you're one of the millions of people that feel that they live a stress-filled or overly-anxious life, than maybe considering taking up the hobby of crocheting or knitting could be a helpful tool to add to your daily routine.


Many people, even teenagers are being diagnosed or noticing that they have issues with the joints of their hands. Whether it is an actual case of arthritis or just a lifestyle-born stiffness all will agree that when you keep your body in motion it helps to relieve issues with arthritis or joint stiffness. This is edict of 'a body in motion stays in motion' has long been touted as a recommended treatment for people suffering from arthritis or other stiffness of the joint issues. So one of the good ways to keep your hands in motion is crocheting or knitting. The act of movement by your hands could be the motion that just might help to exercise and lessen stiffness and soreness of joints that is an issue that most suffer. Many have tried this and found out for themselves just how beneficial that it can be for those sore joints.

So whether you are looking for an outlet to relieve some of life's unavoidable stress or looking for some exercise for those stiff and sore hands, check out the benefits of this grandmotherly-type hobby. Most will find that it's not just for seniors anymore but holds benefits for one and all.

As someone who has rheumatoid arthritis and a huge family of people who crochet or knit, I can vouch first hand on the benefits of the hobby of crocheting and knitting. Sometimes it is just what the doctor meant to order. http://www.lanesonlinelawnsale.webs.com http://www.christinalaneservices.webs.com/

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