Having Fun With Crochet

By Rhelena R.

Believe it or not, but having fun with crochet is a good way to save money. Not only does crochet keep you at home where you can't spend money, but it's fun and relaxing at the same time.

Crochet may seem like it's a hobby of the past mainly associated with the older generations. However, it is becoming more popular among the younger generations as well, and you'd be surprised at some of the fun ideas that today's crocheters have come up with.

Yarn Bombing: To yarn bomb something means to cover it with crochet. I've seen trees, fences and even bikes and cars covered in crochet. Not only can you yarn-bomb outside, but inside as well. It's really neat on chairs, hall-way tables, lamps and staircases. It's definitely an art that requires skill and patience depending on what you want to cover.

Depending on what you want to "yarn bomb", yarn bombing might be a fun way to use up your yarn stash.
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